KPMG firms have earned a top-three ranking in a new HFS Research report that assesses how global services providers are helping clients accelerate digital transformation through the three key technologies of automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and smart analytics.

The HFS Top 10: Triple-A Trifecta Services 2020 (PDF 14.9 MB) report, which HFS calls the first study of its kind, rates 21 global firms on their performance in delivering what HFS calls the “three critical change agents” of automation, AI and smart analytics. HFS states that the ability of today's enterprises to “truly digitally transform” is tied to combining these technology elements, noting that while they are each powerful in their own right, “they are exponentially so when used together” to enable scalable, end-to-end, intelligent automation. 

KPMG ranked among the top three Triple-A Trifecta “podium winners” for excellence in execution, innovation and the voice of the customer. HFS noted KPMG as a “consulting-led Triple-A Trifecta transformation leader with strong investment in digital innovation.”

“The HFS Triple-A Trifecta research has delivered timely and revealing new insights into what clients need to accelerate a digital-first approach,” said Brad Fisher, Global Head of KPMG Lighthouse Data, AI and Emerging Technologies. “The intersection of automation, artificial intelligence and smart analytics is a game-changing combination when done correctly and allows KPMG firms to deliver to clients agile, scalable digital transformation frameworks. 

“We're pleased to be recognized for our continuing investment in digital innovation to help clients move quickly and strategically to adopt the right mix of digital technologies to reduce costs, modernize their enterprise and prepare for growth, and establish stronger engagement with their customers.”

The HFS report highlights key strengths of KPMG firms' market-leading automation, AI and analytics services and expertise including: 

  • KPMG's approach to delivering integrated automation, AI and smart analytics capabilities through its Lighthouse Center of Excellence, which HFS calls out for being “designed to centralize digital capabilities and domain knowledge”

  • KPMG's “transformation approach,” calling it a “key differentiator” and noting how KPMG's digital framework “enables end-to-end management, from strategy to implementation”; 

  • KPMG's global commitment of US$5 billion to continually enhance innovation, people, technology and alliance relationships

  • KPMG's ability to generate enhanced value by jointly developing success measures with clients, following “a business-first perspective” towards solving their challenges, and ultimately “creating an enhanced customer experience” 

  • KPMG's technology innovation, calling out the Lighthouse COE for its ongoing focus on developing new technologies, service offerings and capabilities

  • KPMG's alliance-specific joint innovation centers and strong academic relationships for research and talent sourcing 

  • KPMG's evaluation by clients as “a trustworthy, flexible and innovative partner with effective solutions that support service-delivery excellence”

Report co-author Elena Christopher, SVP, HFS Research, called KPMG “a consulting-led Triple-A Trifecta transformation leader with strong investment in digital innovation,” and noted that “clients appreciate KPMG's patience and diligence in understanding requirements - which helps them design solutions fit for purpose.”

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