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KPMG and Danish Accounting Network proudly present this webinar on the challenges and opportunities of ESG data and reporting. During the webinar Cristiana Parisi, Associate Professor in Management Control at CBS, and Sandra Ebbesen, Senior Manager at KPMG, will have a topical conversation and share their expertise about data and reporting on ESG.

The first companies are required to report according to the new CSRD regulation for the financial year 2024, which means that data collection, validation and report preparation are currently ongoing. For most companies the work required to comply with this new regulation is not a walk in the park - it requires significant resource allocation and a dedicated focus from most of the organization.

What are some of the challenges that companies face when it comes to ESG data and reporting? What are the potential benefits of this new regulation? And can the ESG data and reporting be used in other ways than just for the purpose of being compliant with the new regulation? These are some of the things that Cristiana and Sandra will touch upon during the webinar.

Key insights that you will get by attending the webinar:

  • Challenges faced by companies related to ESG data and reporting
  • Potential benefits of the new regulation
  • The usage of ESG data and reporting


Sandra Ebbesen
Senior Manager, CFO Advisory, KPMG
Sandra is a Senior Manager at KPMG with 17 years of experience in finance and internal controls. She has held roles in external audit, finance departments in both small and large companies and as an internal control specialist. She has a deep understanding of processes and internal controls in theory and practice, for both the financial area, ESG and IT.
Cristiana Parisi
Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, Copenhagen Business School
Cristiana Parisi is Associate Professor in Management Control at the Department of Accounting at Copenhagen Business School. Cristiana Parisi has made significant contributions to the fields of performance management and sustainability and environmental accounting. Her extensive portfolio includes numerous publications in prestigious academic journals, as well as other academic and practitioners’ contributions. Cristiana has solid experience in attracting and leading research projects linked to sustainability implementation and the transition towards circular economy.

Target audience

Employees in the finance function, as well as other employees who work with the collection and validation of ESG data. This could include people with the following titles: CFO, Finance Manager, Financial Controller, Financial Compliance Specialist, Accounting Manager, Chief Accountant, Accounting Manager, Financial Manager, Finance Director, Sustainability Controller, ESG Controller, ESG Data Specialist, etc.


If you have questions about the webinar, please contact Sandra Ebbesen via the contact form.

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