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The impending crisis in biodiversity loss places demand on companies and organisations for greater need for action and streamlining of practices. The new TNFD framework offers a structured approach for companies to assess and report their impact on biodiversity, which is essential to success with their individual sustainability strategies, global goals and to create transparence for stakeholders.

This webinar aims to give you insight into key issues in biodiversity loss and open the debate on how to combine nature and business in the company's strategy, theoretically as well as practically. The main emphasis is on the TNFD framework and how it helps to understand, align and report on companies' impact on biodiversity.

Orlaith Delargy (Associate Director in KPMG Ireland) has seven years’ professional experience, having previously worked with CDP, Natural Capital Ireland, SustainabilityWorks and the Dublin Chamber of Commerce. She has expertise in a range of sustainability areas including water security, biodiversity, climate mitigation and adaptation. In this webinar, Orlaith will present drivers of action and what businesses can do.

Furthermore, many have heard about the new TNFD framework, but may still be in doubt about the components of it – what exactly is it and how will companies make use of it in practice? Marianne Haahr, from Global Canopy and TNFD will dive into the parts of the framework, unfold what it consists of, what it can do, and also what it cannot do. You will gain insight into how companies like yours work with biodiversity now and how this will happen in the future.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • What biodiversity is
  • Why it is important for you and your organisation
  • How to work with it in praxis
  • Introduction to the TNFD framework, and how your organisation can work with it

The webinar is thus aimed at management who are currently (or in the future) working with biodiversity as part of the ESG or overall strategy across the organisation and are interested in understanding the systematic and strategic benefits they can achieve through the TNFD framework. In addition, our webinar is aimed at stakeholders within the sustainability agenda who would like to advance their knowledge of how to work with ESG in the business. Check out the other four events in the series on the front page to see how you can broaden your understanding.

Practical information

Date and time: Tuesday the 5th. September 10.00-10:45

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to KPMG events.

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