Pia Konnerup

Partner, Mobility & People Services


At KPMG Acor Tax, Pia is head of the Mobility & People Services group that is specialized in both national and international tax advising businesses and their national and global workforce as well as private clients.

With a background in both individual and corporate tax, Pia has specialized in the interaction and coordination between the multiple tax disciplines, where e.g. the aspects in respect to permanent establishments has been as focus area throughout her more than 20 years with KPMG.

She is therefore a key advisor for both the client and their tax team and often liaise between the different specialist/technical groups in the clients’ organization.

  • Master of Commercial Law and Business Economics

  • KPMG Acor Tax is an independent advisory firm – and tax is our business. We are determined to mastering a field of expertise that we can turn into solutions and value for our clients. We are entrepreneurs as well as advisors, and we know how to cut through complexity.