Culture of kindness

If you’re going to unleash your potential within the ever-changing world of tax, you need an environment where you can grow. Where you can be bold, challenge yourself and learn by doing. Where you feel welcomed, an invaluable part of a team. It’s a culture where we always have time to be kind, express gratitude and give praise. To give a hand and to understand the true meaning of working shoulder-by-shoulder. 

96 %

Would recommend KPMG Acor Tax
as a great place to work

*KPMG Acor Tax People Survey 2023

Creating the leaders for the future of tax

Imagine a company where you spend as much time learning and improving as you do creating results. Where you get to play to your strengths and develop from your challenges. Where you get to work with clients of all sizes until you find your sweet tax spot. Where you have the time to explore different areas of your tax passion. And where crossing into new tax territories is a matter of asking. Where your role is continuously tailored to you, because one size only fits one.

94 %

I have opportunities to improve
my skills and to develop new ones

*KPMG Acor Tax People Survey 2023

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We empower you to grow

Learning by doing is about ownership. We put you in the driver’s seat from day one. And we’re your co-drivers – all of us – to help you navigate the road, to challenge and support you – just as we expect you to challenge us. The size and complexity of your responsibility will grow with you – so there’s always a new challenge waiting around the corner. The only limits are the ones you set for yourself. 

87 %

Feel encouraged to suggest new
and better ways of doing things

*KPMG Acor Tax People Survey 2023

We are the Powerhouse of Tax

Integrity is the basis for everything we do. Working with tax is about more than numbers, legislation and data. Preserving a responsible tax landscape is a crucial part of our responsibility. At the end of the day, our ethical compass safeguards our client's contribution to our society. This responsibility is also an opportunity. We’re specialists in a specialised area, narrow enough to give you a comprehensive understanding of tax in all its shades and forms, yet broad enough that you can find a niche to immerse yourself in alongside some of the most skilled advisers in the business. 

83 %

There is effective collaboration
... to produce better outcomes

*KPMG Acor Tax People Survey 2023