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With the previous requirement to purchase a minimum of 300 licenses now removed, Microsoft Copilot for 365 has been made accessible to small and medium-sized enteprises (SMEs). In short, it's a revolutionary change in how businesses can leverage generative AI. In this mini guide, we have condensed our knowledge from many successful GenAI implementation projects into three strategic key advice that SMEs can utilise to drive successful adoption and maximise value creation from Microsoft Copilot.

1. Focus on Habit Building

Just like New Year's resolutions that fall apart without a plan (dry January, we're looking at you), successful integration of AI into daily work processes requires more than just goodwill. It necessitates the building of new habits. Copilot is not like a new CRM system that just needs to be learned - it's a whole new way of working that employees themselves must adopt and make a natural part of their daily processes.

We have seen how the creation of habit plans can facilitate this transition. By helping employees identify initiatives based on research in habit formation, including making it obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying to use Copilot in daily tasks, we have witnessed a significant improvement in how effectively AI technology is used.

For example, one employee wrote in their habit plan during one of our GenAI implementation projects that they would "...make an effort to think of Copilot as a nice colleague who always has time to help me." This is a small but powerful initiative that is part of a larger personalised habit plan, ensuring that the new technology becomes a fixed part of everyday work tasks.

2. Create AI influencers within the organisation

Influencers are not just for social media. In the corporate context, AI influencers - employees who are enthusiastic about Copilot and quickly master its use - can be key to driving adoption forward. These early adopters and tech enthusiasts can be an invaluable resource by sharing their knowledge and excitement with colleagues.

By actively finding and investing in these employees' development, it's possible to increase Copilot adoption by 10-20%. These influencers become a living advertisement for the technology's potential and help break down barriers to use throughout the organisation.

3. Visualise progress and set goals

It's not uncommon for us to receive calls from clients saying, "We just need some of that AI now!" It's fully understandable - since the launch of ChatGPT at the end of 2022, the hype around artificial intelligence has been intense. But especially in this time, where "AI" can seem like a buzzword, it's critical to focus on real value creation.

This is best achieved by visualising progress on two parameters: efficiency and quality of work. Then, clear goals for Copilot adoption should be set based on this data.

It's important to mention that leaders should not be afraid to set higher demands on their employees and adjust their KPIs to match the new reality. When Microsoft experienced how much more efficient their developers became with Copilot for GitHub, they raised the expectations for output by 30-40%. Similar results have been seen at KPMG, where the time to prepare presentations and other documents has been significantly reduced. As a result of the time saved, there is now also an opportunity to prioritise initiatives that directly contribute to the company's overall strategic goals, whether it involves intensifying focus on innovation, upskilling employees or something entirely different.

With these three strategic pieces of advice, your SME is already well on its way to a successful Copilot adoption, ensuring that you utilise the full potential of this technology to create real and lasting value for your company.

In conclusion, it's important to remember that as a leader, you are the most important influencer in your own shop. By adopting Copilot yourself and becoming proficient in leveraging its potential, you set the standard and show the way for your employees. Enjoy the process!

The preparation of the above has, of course, been supported by our good friend M365 Copilot in Word.

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