Casper Guldager

Director, NextGen Operations

KPMG i Danmark

Casper has, throughout his career, worked with getting AI technology to drive the highest value in organisations. He helps some of the biggest firms to improve their business with new technologies. Casper supports organisations with end-to-end re-design and implementation of IA solutions combined with a wide range of tools such as ML, RPA, and Conversational AI. 

One of Casper’s strongest skills is to strategically identify opportunities with AI tools, to establish intelligent automation roadmaps and complete re-designs and AI transformation. All of this is prepared in a new method within digitalisation scan, which he has helped develop. 

Casper is, therefore, an expert within scaling intelligent automation, and he has worked in the automation industry throughout his whole career.

Casper has, additionally, extensive practical experience with value realisation with AI, and he has delivered projects of intelligent automation roadmaps for some of the biggest firms in Denmark and the North. 

Among other things, Casper has experience within: 

Telecommunication, the pharmaceutical sector, the public sector, financial services, facility, shipping, and energy.