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In essence, it is about managing risks better, more sustainably and more controllably. This is also the basis for Regulatory & Compliance - i.e. for the proper handling of risks and their responsible monitoring and control within the framework of corporate management and organisation. This includes

  • the implementation of regulatory requirements for the design of risk management at financial service providers - internationally in terms of Basel III / CRD IV and nationally, for example, in accordance with MaRisk.
  • internal control of compliance with legal and regulatory requirements by monitoring and minimising risks from compliance violations - or, if applicable, reducing the consequences of non-compliance.

Any strategic implementation of regulatory requirements into the organisation of the financial business strives for a balance between effective compliance, business efficiency and securing the sustainability of earnings. This means that risk management, as well as the implementation of the requirements, must be aligned with the business model and the risks that are derived from this business model. KPMG works with you to develop customised frameworks that help you to manage and control risks in a way that is appropriate for your institution: The purpose of such an integrating "Framework" is to systematically align organisational structures, processes, and IT infrastructures, including reporting solutions, with each other - naturally including methods with which the risks can actually be better "managed".

Your Institution – Examples of Challenges

  • Unclear definition of own risk appetite, unexploited possibilities for equity relief in risk-bearing capacity
  • Unnecessary costs due to redundancies and multiple efforts, inefficiencies in processes, internal rules and regulations as well as IT infrastructures
  • Inconsistencies in management reporting, overlapping responsibilities in internal control procedures
  • Lack of transparency about existing gaps in compliance, deficiency findings through internal or external audits

Our consulting offer - selected solutions

Effective risk management is based on the integration of the risk management function into the strategic decision-making and control processes and on efficient risk measurement and risk control systems. In an integrated governance model, risk management is organisationally interlinked with the compliance function and the internal control system, including internal audit, without any frictional losses.

With this objective of our work, we help you with a holistic consulting approach in implementing and optimising the implementation of regulatory requirements and in managing compliance for achieving regulatory compliance.