Customer experience put to the test: customers are more dissatisfied with their customer experience than ever before

Results of the "Customer Experience Excellence Study 2023":

Results of the "Customer Experience Excellence Study 2023":

  • Satisfaction with the customer experience ("Customer Experience Excellence Score") at its lowest point since surveys began
  • Retail offers the best customer experience, the automotive sector slips to second place, entertainment and media to third place
  • The public sector remains at the bottom of the ranking
  • Personalisation is the most important factor influencing customer loyalty

Munich, 23 November 2023

Satisfaction with the customer experience at German companies across all sectors has fallen to its lowest level in four years. This is the result of the latest Customer Experience Excellence Study by KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft.

The so-called Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) value, which the study uses to measure satisfaction with the customer experience, has fallen significantly to 7.31 after an average high of 7.65 in 2022. All six factors influencing the CEE score - "Empathy", "Integrity", "Personalisation", "Expectations", "Problem-solving skills" and "Time & effort" - were rated lower by respondents in all sectors than in the previous year. Companies that have already achieved a poor CEE score in previous years have fallen even further behind this year. The bottom performers in the study suffered significant losses compared to the previous year, while the top-rated companies only deteriorated slightly.

Retail leads the rankings; public sector lags behind

The retail sector performs best in the sector comparison with a CEE score of 7.58. The automotive sector achieved a CEE score of 7.58, falling to second place in the sector ranking compared to the previous year. With a score of 7.50, the entertainment and media industry is one of the three best-rated sectors.

As in the previous year, the public sector came last in the ranking with a CEE score of 6.26, well below the average CEE score. All six factors influencing the CEE score also perform worst in the public sector in a market comparison. The "Time & Effort" factor, for example, is 20 per cent below the market average with a CEE value of 6.47.

Personalisation increases loyalty and willingness to recommend

The study also shows that a personalised customer approach is one of the most important factors for positive customer experiences. Companies that perform very well in the "personalisation" factor benefit from greater customer loyalty and a willingness to recommend the company to others. With technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality, companies can respond more individually to customer needs and take the customer experience to a higher level. The media and entertainment industry, for example, relies on AI-controlled individual customer offers and thus achieves top scores for the "personalisation" factor.

About the "Customer Experience Excellence Study 2023":

The study is based on a Germany-wide representative survey of 7,030 people, which was conducted online in the second quarter of 2023. The study's ranking includes 215 companies from eleven sectors.

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