KPMG in Germany launches its own chatbot KaiChat based on generative AI

AI chatbot drives innovation and meets highest data security requirements

AI chatbot drives innovation and meets highest data security requirements

Berlin/Frankfurt - August 22nd 2023

KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft (KPMG) has introduced KaiChat (KPMG AI Chat), a proprietary version of a chatbot based on generative AI. KaiChat has recently been made available to the company's approximately 13,000 employees in the specially protected KPMG cloud infrastructure and meets the highest security standards.

KaiChat uses OpenAI models, but ensures that no data leaves the KPMG environment. The AI chatbot can therefore also be used for sensitive tasks in the business context to drive productivity and innovation for the benefit of clients. KPMG plans to further expand the functionality of KaiChat in a targeted manner. Currently, the chatbot is being enriched with KPMG's extensive expertise, whereby no client-specific data is used, of course. In this way, employees can access this KPMG expertise in real time via KaiChat and generate new solutions.

KPMG is pioneering the use of generative AI

KPMG is massively driving the use of future technologies such as generative AI in all business areas. In its client advisory services, the company combines technological solutions with its comprehensive professional and industry expertise. This enables customers to achieve the greatest possible benefit from the technologies while at the same time meeting legal, ethical and operational requirements.

With the development and implementation of KaiChat, KPMG underlines its pioneering role in generative AI. On a global level, the company recently announced a multi-billion dollar global investment in Microsoft cloud and AI services over the next five years.

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