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Current Issue:

The new edition of our newsletter on transactions in the global life sciences industry glances back at the significant deals that took place in Q1 2024 and provides further insights on the industry’s market trends. 

  • Q1 2024 observed renewed deal momentum and optimism in the life sciences industry as evidenced by several high-profile transactions while geopolitical risks and changing regulatory landscape persist.
  • Deal trends in Q1 demonstrate the increasing interest of pharma companies in acquiring targets that can help to advance R&D pipelines and bolster the top line. This trend is particularly prominent in therapeutic areas such as obesity, oncology and immunology.
  • While late-stage, revenue-generating assets remain a key focus for investors and large pharma companies, there is also growing interest in small to medium-sized companies with promising early/mid-stage products in the pipeline. Such companies, backed by strong data, are expected to attract heightened investor attention, despite evolving commercial and regulatory landscape.
  • Despite prevailing uncertainties, the industry’s underlying fundamentals exhibit resilience. As companies face an urgent need to address substantial growth gaps, an upswing in M&A activity is expected, even in the face of higher valuations for potential acquisition targets.