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The new edition of our newsletter on transactions in the global chemicals industry glances back at the significant deals that took place in H1 2023 and provides further insights on the industry’s market trends.

In the first half of 2023, the chemical market's deal activity remained muted due to ongoing uncertainty surrounding geopolitical events, volatile oil prices, and inflation.

  • In 2022, the chemicals industry battled instability in demand and ongoing supply chain disruptions, resulting in the adoption of a cautious M&A approach. However, in 2023, these factors are expected to drive industry transformation through modified product portfolios, digitally advanced supply chains, and enhanced technology solutions. As a result, an increase in M&A activities is anticipated for 2023.
  • Initiatives linked to sustainability, decarbonization, and ESG continue to remain focus areas for companies and investors. To achieve such initiatives, companies are integrating innovation in the form of Carbon Capture and storage (CCS) technologies, IoT applications, smart factories, and blockchain-backed supply chain solutions.
  • In addition, strategic transactions, and a focus on ESG will continue to drive M&A activities.

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