Public Sector Challenges

Institutions in the public and healthcare sectors in particular are currently facing special challenges. In addition to changes in strategic requirements, personnel changes and technological change, the financial situation is also changing significantly.

  1. Healthcare companies and public sector institutions need to take a more strategic stance, plan for the long term and align themselves with changing values and demands of citizens in order to secure themselves in the long term.
  2. As a result of demographic trends, healthcare companies and public sector institutions must prepare for a change in the existing workforce and competition for talent with the business community.
  3. In the face of technological changes, the need for know-how and innovation is increasing in healthcare companies and public sector institutions - with limited resources.
  4. Despite dwindling financial resources, healthcare companies and public institutions must ensure the provision of services and infrastructures for the public benefit.

Understanding challenges as an opportunity

Our experts from the Public Sector & Healthcare division support your business entity in overcoming these challenges. As part of the Corporate Governance Team, we always see challenges as opportunities. We support you in identifying, assessing and managing risks and opportunities to ensure the long-term success of your business entity. Feel free to reach out to us with your specific concerns. Together, we’re tackling the challenges.

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