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Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Digital transformation is currently moving the financial world like nothing else. In order to remain competitive in the future, the modernisation of all central processes of financial institutions is essential. At the same time, the rapid digital development offers numerous opportunities for the creation of new business processes that were hardly conceivable not long ago. Thanks to analytics or mining, automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, work processes can be designed more economically than was ever possible before. In addition, there are current trend technologies such as blockchain, cloud computing and the Internet of things, which are no longer only essential on the FinTech scene, but for the entire financial industry.

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For this reason, KPMG has bundled a wide range of competencies under one roof in order to be able to offer you a comprehensive service in all these areas.

In particular, it focuses on the following services, which can be divided into four subject areas:

Digital transformation in financial services

  • With KPMG Digital Strategy and Management, we accompany our clients in the development of their digitalisation strategy
  • At KPMG Digital Business Model, we support our clients in the (further) development of their digital business model
  • Through our KPMG Customer Experience, we support our clients in the target group-specific alignment of their digital products
  • Under KPMG Digital Process and Organisation, we support our clients in the introduction and adaptation of necessary processes and organisational structures
  • With KPMG Technology, we are able to support our clients in building the necessary digital IT architecture
  • With KPMG Digital People and Culture, we provide support throughout the entire change process and empower people to think and work digitally
  • With KPMG FinTech, we network globally innovative business models of start-ups with banks to identify solutions with the aim of optimising processes or developing new products
  • With KPMG Performance, we support our clients in identifying and leveraging efficiency potentials

Consulting - digital labour and robotic process automation (RPA)

  • KPMG’s Digital Lab solutions enable the optimisation of individual business areas through the intelligent automation of work processes.
  • KPMG defines various RPA solutions within the framework of Digital Labour:
  1. Basic process automation: Desktop applications, macro-based applications, OCR/screen capture and processing, workflow automation and orchestration.
  2. Enhanced process automation: Self-learning skills, unstructured data processing, pattern recognition and processing, language processing
  3. Cognitive process automation: Artificial intelligence, speech recognition and processing, self-optimisation of algorithms, big data processing, predictive analytics and decision automation

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