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Welcome to the third edition of KPMG Life Sciences Consulting Insights. 

We keep you up to date with the latest business & technology trends and insights into cutting-edge innovation that are setting the scene for challenges & opportunities ahead. 

This issue features:

  • Key Driving Recession Factors: The Life Sciences industry is facing heightened risks as the economy grapples with increasing uncertainties and the ongoing threat of a recession. This current state can be attributed to a range of risk factors, including the lingering effects of the global pandemic and ongoing trade conflicts. As a result, it is imperative for Life Sciences companies to take proactive measures to address these challenges and position themselves for sustainable growth in the years ahead.
  • Analyses of the recessionary risks and opportunities across stakeholders: The Life Sciences industry is highly heterogeneous, and the challenges it faces will vary greatly among stakeholders. While specialty pharma giants may have the resources to weather a recession, smaller biotech firms may struggle to maintain operations in high-interest rate environments. Therefore, it is essential for Life Sciences companies to assess their unique situations and take proactive steps to prepare for economic slowdowns.
  • KPMG Insights on top four strategic priorities: To prepare for economic uncertainty, Life Sciences firms must review and adjust their strategic initiatives while conducting thorough cost-benefit analyses. This includes evaluating their product and service portfolios, growth strategies, supply chains, and exploring innovative digital tools to improve efficiency and adaptability. By taking these steps, companies can position themselves for sustainable growth and resilience in a changing market.

The Life Sciences Consulting Insights is published quarterly in English and highlights key global trends curated by our KPMG Life Sciences sector and consulting experts.

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