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Thi To Nga Pham

KPMG Venture Matching for Consumer Goods

Improve the nutrition, consumption and well-being of our society

You are a young company from Europe or Israel that wants to revolutionize the consumer goods industry by developing new products and services. Your goal is to promote healthy nutrition among the society or to develop products that make the everyday life of consumers easier and more enjoyable. Or you are influencing the procurement, sale or preparation of food in a sustainable way. For this purpose, you use the latest technologies or manufacturing processes. Now the time has come for the next step.

Ready for the next step? We support you.

Benefit from intensive hands-on workshops with KPMG experts on topics such as sales, recruiting, internationalisation, tax, legal, etc. and meet selected decision-makers from the industry in order to win them for future cooperation during the "Match Night". The programme is limited to a maximum of twelve participants. A top-class jury of industry experts decides on the final participants of the programme.  

  • Six-week programme
  • Practical workshops with KPMG experts
  • "Match Night" with decision-makers from the industry
  • Low, fixed participation fee

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