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Not only at trade fairs, conferences or in trade magazines – the topic of I4.0 is now also at the top of the agenda in shareholders’ meetings and other meetings of manufacturing companies. It comes as no surprise that I4.0 offers business entities the opportunity to respond even more intensively to the wishes of their customers. There is no doubt that this is necessary: Short delivery times, constant product innovations, demands for comprehensive product customisation – the customer is becoming increasingly demanding.

This increases the pressure on managers to deal with the topic and to identify appropriate use cases for their own business entities. The decision-makers must be able to distinguish between overambitious promises and realistically implementable solutions. They need a clear idea of the current opportunities and risks of I4.0.

Between hype and reality

At the same time, they need to gain a better understanding of how their partners and competitors act in order to create added value and secure competitive advantages for themselves. The ambitious objectives of many business entities in the manufacturing industry with regard to I4.0 have so far often been too little in line with their actual actions.

The current KPMG “Between Hype and Reality” executive summary, based on the global KPMG study “Beyond the hype: Separating ambition from reality in i4.0”, provides a realistic assessment of the current state of development and maturity of Industry 4.0 in the current market environment. This is based on a whole series of performance comparisons among leading manufacturing companies around the world. Based on these benchmarks, we were able to analyse how current market leaders are taking advantage of a holistic I4.0 strategy to make changes to their business models, operating models and value chains.

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