Outside becomes inside

Out there - that no longer exists. The outside world will soon move to the centre of your business.

The economy is currently being fundamentally changed by a variety of developments: especially climate change, global insecurity and digitalisation.

Accordingly, the big challenges on the management agenda in the coming years come from three areas: Geopolitics, ESG and Technology - in short: GET. ESG stands for a comprehensive sustainability concept that aims at the common good and includes the aspects of environment, social and governance.

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Geopolitics: Prepared for global crises

Companies around the world are currently exposed to a variety of risks. For example, the trade dispute between the USA and China could develop into a global currency war.

In addition, many German companies - due to an expansive acquisition agenda - have a goodwill position that exceeds equity and involves extensive valuation risks.

These developments require companies to take an extremely holistic approach to risk management in order to protect their business and convince investors of their own future viability.

Sustainability: from freestyle to duty

Comprehensive sustainability is demanded by all stakeholders today. In addition, the EU, for example, is considering regulations that could force companies to report profits from environmentally or socially damaging business activities.

As a result, authorities could levy taxes or fines for negative externalities such as pollution - and provide subsidies for positive externalities such as the use of renewable energies.

Technology: Ready for upheaval

Artificial intelligence, quantum computers and hyperconnectivity: major technological upheavals are coming to the economy.

Digitalisation is already turning established business models upside down, not infrequently overnight - and it is becoming ever more ubiquitous and important. Because many of today's problems, such as climate change, can only be solved with the help of technology.

Triad for long-term success

Geopolitics, comprehensive sustainability and technology: these will be the crucial topics for companies in the coming years to increase their corporate value.

What should appropriate risk management look like today? How can you calculate how much a company is worth when you include its positive and negative externalities? Which technologies can help to develop and secure one's own business?

Our experts offer tailor-made answers to these and many other questions - and provide interdisciplinary and comprehensive help.

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