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There are several signs that the Chinese economy is facing problems that are likely to last longer. The "rebound effect" following the end of China's zero-covid policy has fizzled out and the Chinese real estate market is in an unresolved crisis. Added to this are high youth unemployment, an ageing population, the clearly noticeable consequences of global warming in China and a slump in domestic demand due to uncertain future expectations.

Nevertheless, Germany remains one of China's most important trading partners. The reputation of German companies in China remains very good. German companies are regarded as "good social citizens" all over the world. On the ground in China, German companies are currently pursuing localization strategies along the entire value chain.

What trends are shaping the bilateral relationship? How are German and Chinese companies reacting to the geopolitical and economic situation? The China Country Practice of KPMG Germany provides you with the latest news, information material and personal contacts for questions relating to the Chinese business market.

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