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A new economic sphere, a foreign market environment and an unfamiliar culture. Ensuring success in business activities between China and Germany hinges on a number of key decisions. In a complex market subject to constant changes, it is essential to lay the groundwork for sustainable development either with a convincing market entry or by continually developing and adapting a successful growth model. We support you in both the market entry and further development, providing you with a solid assessment of the market based on our longstanding experience. 

Our Chinese-German country corridor teams support you with their extensive local and international expertise in order to strengthen and promote your activities in a sustainable way. The China Practice team in Germany provides specialized support to Chinese companies for their investment endeavours in Germany, while the specialists of KPMG’s German Practice in China help German and European companies to engage in the Chinese market. We accompany you at all key levels relating to the development of Chinese-German business projects, and development of Chinese-German business projects, and in the process give investors competent support that is tailored to their individual needs for all phases of their investment process.

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