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How do managers in the manufacturing industry assess current business developments? What trends are shaping the industry - and what are the forecasts? Our Global Industrial Manufacturing CEO Outlook provides the answers. The English-language study is based on a survey of 175 managers.

Key findings at a glance:

  • CEOs are more confident about the overall economic development than before. This is partly due to the fact that supply chain disruptions have decreased. However, most CEOs do not expect their own company to grow by no more than 2.5 per cent in the next three years - a figure below the rate of inflation.
CEO Outlook Grafik
  • The digital transformation and ESG are seen as key influencing and success factors. Among other things, the focus is on Industry 4.0 applications as a value lever. For 69 per cent of respondents, investments in generative artificial intelligence are a high priority, for example to redesign processes in customer interaction and increase agility.
Global Industrial Manufacturing CEO Outlook
  • Focus on acquisitions: 88 per cent of CEOs expect their company to make acquisitions within the next three years. There are signs of a focus on the core business: companies want to strengthen segments that add value in the long term and fit into the strategic portfolio.
  • In view of the high market dynamics, decisive months lie ahead: Resilient companies are likely to emerge from the polycrisis with an improved market position. Less resilient companies are at risk - and not just in terms of refinancing. Expiring state aid will lead to new risks.