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With the publication of IFRS 18, the presentation of financial performance in IFRS financial statements will change - for financial years beginning on or after 1 January 2027. On the one hand, the presentation of performance will be standardised through the elimination of disclosure options and the introduction of subtotals in the income statement, thereby increasing comparability with other companies. On the other hand, company-specific performance indicators will be standardised if certain requirements are met.

In addition to the standardised information, this will also create space for company-specific information that supports stakeholders in their decisions.

Under the leadership of our partners Dr Markus Kreher and Mathias Winkler, the eighth edition of the study "Digitalisation in Accounting" has just been initiated. In this issue of Accounting News, we cordially invite you to take part in the study conducted by KPMG and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

We also provide you with compact information on a correction to the Delegated Regulation on the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) published in the EU Official Journal.

Finally, we discuss the addendum to the IFRIC update of March 2024 published by the IFRS Interpretations Committee (IFRS IC) on 29 April 2024 with two final agenda decisions on the topics of "Climate-related Commitments" and "Payments Contingent on Continued Employment during Handover Periods".

Here you will find an overview of all topics of the past Accounting News (Download PDF, 0.5 MB).