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Rising interest rates, high construction and material costs and insufficient subsidies: The past year was marked by significant changes in the real estate industry and had a major impact on the investment climate.

The industry is faced with the urgent need to develop multidimensional solutions in order to remain competitive. In our MAT special edition of the KPMG Real Estate Bulletin, we therefore focus on the innovative perspectives and approaches of young talents who are committed to a responsible and digital real estate industry.

The future of the real estate industry: innovative solutions from young talents

Whether circular construction, AI in transactions or social impact investing: the Most Aspiring Talents (MATs) enrich the discussion with innovative approaches and a new perspective that enables the development of future-proof solutions for the real estate industry.

This is what the MAT special edition of the Real Estate Bulletin offers you:

Diverse perspectives: The MATs shed light on key topics such as circular construction and the importance of diversity in the industry.

Innovative approaches: From the use of Large Language Models in real estate valuation to sustainable construction, innovative solutions will be presented.

Concrete solutions: The MATs offer concrete solutions to tackle current hurdles and prepare the industry for the future.

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