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With around 3.2 million employees, the retail sector is one of the largest employers in Germany. And yet: the need for personnel is still huge. Currently, about 120,000 positions are unfilled. We have summarised for you in the current Retail Sales Monitor how the retail sector is dealing with this, what creative solutions it is venturing in the search for personnel and how it intends to retain the personnel it has gained.

New supermarket concepts to address staff shortages

New supermarket concepts that require minimal staff are also part of the strategy to counter the staff shortage. Some chains, for example, are testing so-called walk-in stores, where customers can shop around the clock. Vending machines are also being tested by some retailers. We have taken a close look at the different concepts and present them in detail.

Developments in Q2 2023

The economy is stagnating, the inflation rate has weakened slightly but remains high - the main drivers are high food prices. The retail sector recorded a real decline in sales of 4.4 per cent in the first half of the year. Due to the poor economic conditions, the HDE forecasts a real decline in sales of 3 percent for the year 2023.

All relevant facts and figures on the economic situation and the development in the German retail sector and detailed analyses of the business development in the areas of food, non-food, fashion, consumer electronics, DIY as well as in mail order and online retailing are provided as usual in the current issue.

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