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In food retailing, customer bonus programmes have become indispensable - be it in the form of points or discount systems, exclusive benefits and services or Scan&Go solutions. They are designed to bring benefits to both sides: Customers can benefit from discounts or exclusive advantages, while retailers are rewarded by higher customer loyalty and ultimately more turnover.

Customers want self-determination in the handling of their data

But which functions are crucial for customers? How important is personalisation? And what data are they willing to divulge for this purpose? The new edition of our Consumer Barometer provides answers to these questions.

For the study, 1,032 Internet-representative consumers were surveyed. The results show what customer patterns and user groups look like for food retail customer programmes and what positive influence loyalty programmes have on customer behaviour along the customer journey. The study thus offers interesting insights for food retailers regarding the design of customer loyalty programmes.

About the Consumer Barometer

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