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The German Federal Government has recognised the potential of blockchains and is proactively promoting the new technology. The blockchain strategy adopted in 2019 aims to enable innovation and ensure stability. At the same time, legal and reputational risks as well as barriers to market entry are to be reduced. Blockchains can drive technological progress and enable companies to set up new business models while responding to changing customer needs.

The technology can be a particular factor in the dynamic financial sector: In the magazine you can find out how blockchain can strengthen sustainability there, how the digital euro will influence the economy and how the Future Financing Act is driving the development of the electronic share. These are the topics of the current issue:

  • Blockchain opens up these opportunities for asset managers' business model
  • Asset managers are rethinking their value chains for the future
  • How blockchain technology can strengthen sustainability in the financial sector
  • These are the implications of the introduction of digital central bank money for digital assets
  • Here's how the German government has supported the potential of blockchain
  • The Future Finance Act brings the electronic share