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The food industry has always been subject to strong pressure to change. It is currently faced with the task of mastering the current challenges and at the same time adapting to fundamental trends and changes. Currently, problems in the supply chain, shortages of raw materials and rising energy costs are putting a strain on manufacturers, while at the same time consumer behaviour is characterised by thriftiness. In the entire value chain, from animal breeding to production and packaging, the highest possible efficiency and maximum conservation of resources are now more urgent than ever. Not only in order to preserve one's own existence in saturated markets, but also to meet the expectations of consumers, it is essential to optimise existing processes while taking into account legal requirements and innovations. In addition, long-term trends such as demographic development, climate change and the health consciousness of consumers offer enormous potential for companies in the meat industry that are open to a new orientation.

Based on our technical and sector expertise as well as our many years of experience in the field of innovation and digitalisation, we support you in meeting the current challenges, recognising trends and exploiting the resulting potential for yourself.

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