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The meat industry is facing major changes and a number of challenges, including difficulties in the supply chain, shortages of raw materials and high energy costs.

These factors require companies to comprehensively optimise their processes - from animal breeding to final packaging - in order to both secure their market position and meet changing consumer demands and stricter legal guidelines. In this context, the meat industry is increasingly required to develop innovative approaches to increase sustainability and thus make a significant contribution to reducing environmental impact.

At the same time, the industry is facing a growing trend towards plant-based alternatives and cultured meat, which requires an adjustment of the product portfolio and targeted diversification. This change is forcing companies to rethink their strategies and respond flexibly to changing consumer preferences.

Rapid advances in technology, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence and automation, are opening up new opportunities for the meat industry to optimise production processes and improve transparency in the supply chain. Companies that are prepared to adapt to these trends in a targeted manner and adapt their processes accordingly can tap into extensive potential for growth and innovation.

With our specialist and sector expertise in the meat industry and many years of experience in innovation and digitalisation, we can help you to master challenges effectively, identify trends at an early stage and make the most of opportunities.

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