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The traditional workplace model with fixed office hours and places has had its day. In most financial sector entities, mobile working, flexible working hours and digital work tools are now part of the daily routine. Does this fulfil the promise of a New Work environment? Only to some extent as New Work in not synonymous with working from home. New Work represents a general cultural change in companies where it is no longer just about whether teams work together on site or remotely.

Rather, there are opportunities to develop new forms of (collaborative) work, often in hybrid form, in which established work steps are supported by new technical possibilities, creative and agile processes are integrated and new potential is thus released. New Work is complex, affects almost all dimensions of an organisation and must be actively managed culturally, structurally and methodologically. And not just as a one-time project, but rather on an ongoing basis.

Is New Work at odds with corporate success?

New Work should be understood as an employee centred approach by promoting and supporting flexibility as well as individuality. At the same time, financial firms have been striving for years to maximise customer orientation via countless customer centricity initiatives. How can both succeed? How can customers, employees and, above all, efficiency be the focus at the same time? What does a business look like that not only manages these areas of conflicting forces in terms of processes, but sees this trio as part of its DNA?

New Work in the context of customer centricity and efficiency must be considered holistically. In order to remain successful in the market in the upcoming years  - whether vis-à-vis customers or employees  - simple working from home concepts will not suffice.

Companies need a clear vision of how their focus on customers will develop in the future and how this is compatible with a changing work environment within the organisation.

We reconcile New Work through Real estate, space and area concepts, efficiency from automation and digitalisation and customer centricity

Are you interested in how to secure the future sustainability of your company's work environment? How recruitment and employee satisfaction can be reconciled with cost potential and customer centricity? Don't hesitate to contact us! Our experienced teams of experts will be happy to advise you on the sustainable realignment of your organisational structures and working methods and support you with the technical implementation of New Work models. Our experts also have extensive know-how concerning real estate issues that can result from redesigning our everyday work.


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