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More sustainable and social: The economy must change. But how exactly? We talked to people who are luminaries in their fields. How can a company effectively eliminate its CO2-emissions? What climate risks should companies consider? What are the geopolitical consequences of renewable energy? How should true enterprise value be measured? Which supply chain is sustainable and social?

With our guests, a vague feeling becomes a realisation - and this can give rise to tangible strategies.

On the way to Net Zero

In order to slow climate change, all companies must cut their CO2-Emissionen. But how can they succeed in this and how do you measure emissions anyway? Planetly co-founder Anna Alex with answers.

Sustainable geopolitics

The Geopolitics of Climate Change: Even a sustainable economy needs raw materials. Strategy consultant Dr. Timo Blenk outlines the points of conflict in the oil-free world and discusses the questions that companies face.

Supply chains under control

Anahita Thoms is a lawyer and expert on sustainable supply chains. She explains what lies ahead for companies with the Due Diligence Act and how human rights can really be respected.

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