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Successful businesses understand today that their employees are the foundation for tomorrow’s success. Unleashing their potential is more challenging than ever in disruptive times like these and raises numerous issues:

  • How can our organisational structure help us reach our business objectives?
  • How do I optimise my portfolio through divestment and transfer employees to new companies in compliance with labour law and regional requirements?
  • How can my employees stay motivated and connected to the business when working from home?

Our experts in the fields of transforming organisations & managing the future of work help you holistically through your organisation’s change project and answer all people & organisation questions. With HR Design and Powered HR, we work with you to develop customised solutions for a future-proof, data-based HR department. Dedicated HR solutions experts ensure that laws relating to companies are followed and interpreted in the best possible way from an overall perspective. Our approach is evidence-based, tailored to your needs and supports the delivery of the CEO agenda with a focus on people and HR.

Our Portfolio

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Transforming organisations

Transforming organisations

People and organisations operate in a rapidly changing environment. We develop customised change strategies for your business entity to meet the required level of flexibility and adaptability. We help you identify strategic options for transformations and transactions, analyse value levers based on data, and work with you to implement all the right moves.

Managing the future of work

Managing the future of work

The world of work is changing. New requirements are changing how, where and when we work together. Specifically, it is essential to redefine the relationship between the employer and the employee. The key to success will be finding a balance between the business’s prospects and employee needs. We will support you in actively shaping the working world, creating flexibility for action and maximising potential.

HR Design

HR Design

Contemporary HR teams combine subject-matter and technical expertise to position themselves as strategic advisors to the business. With our HR expertise, we can help you refocus toward a future-ready HR operating model to fully leverage your HR teams’ optimisation potential. Together, we develop HR strategies that align with the business strategy and add real value to the business.

Powered HR

Powered HR

HR is under pressure. Trends such as digitalisation, robotics and AI are on the rise, but are usually slow to reach HR departments. While many tasks are automated, the expectation of HR requires customised and data-driven services. We’ll help you redefine the HR process landscape and combine the strengths of people and technology so your HR department can drive your organisation in a data-driven, targeted, and collaborative way.

Dedicated HR Solutions

Dedicated HR solutions

HR issues are becoming increasingly complex in a globally connected economy, especially as different labour and employment laws apply in each country. With our long-standing cross-border expertise, we will guide your business entity through mobility, pension and employment law issues. Together, we will develop practical, comprehensive solutions and implement them smoothly and sustainably.



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