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KPMG is once again one of the best tax advisors and auditors this year. This was the result of a survey conducted by the business magazine “brand eins” together with Statista.

Around 3,700 industry representatives as well as business and corporate clients gave their recommendation for the score – in 6 specialist segments for auditing and 18 for tax consulting. An extensive leader board has emerged – and KPMG is part of it.

In these categories, KPMG is among the most frequently named 25 percent:

Tax advice:


For the numerous recommendations in the specialist segments, “brand eins” awarded the seals “Best Tax Consultants 2021” and “Best Auditors 2021”.

From seven to twelve: Recommendations in more categories than in 2020

In the service fields of “international accounting”, “annual and consolidated financial statement audits”, “special statutory audits” and “forensics”, we were also able to impress in the previous year. The specialist segments “IT assurance / IT auditing” and “corporate governance”, were included in the assessment by “brand eins” for the first time this year.

“The importance of these two service fields is steadily increasing. The fact that KPMG immediately scored with a high recommendation rate confirms our recipe for success: the expertise of our employees combined with our technological innovative strength,” says Christian Sailer, Head of Audit and member of the board of management.

We also received more recommendations for the service fields of tax consultancy compared to last year. While in 2020 it was the three specialist segments “business advice”, “international tax advice” and “transformation, restructuring and M&A” that earned us the title of “Best Tax Advisor”, this year there were recommendations in six segments.

“We are pleased to report that we also have a high recommendation rate this year for the specialist segments “company pension scheme”, “corporate reorganisation, restructuring, and insolvency” and “specialised VAT advice”. This shows us that our clients trust us and appreciate the high standard of quality of our advisory services,” says Marko Gründig, Head of Tax.

Reputation and recommendations are the most important decision-making criteria

With their leader board, “brand eins” and Statista want to provide customers with a decision-making aid when choosing a suitable service provider. For this purpose, representatives of tax consulting and auditing firms as well as business and corporate clients of such firms (e.g. CFOs and employees in the finance sector) are surveyed online. They give their recommendations in service fields selected by them. They are not permitted to nominate their own business entity. When asked which criteria are decisive for them when choosing a suitable service provider, the reputation of a business entity and recommendations were mentioned most frequently.

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