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How does virtual collaboration work for your employees?

In many organisations, employees had to work from home a few months ago due to the coronavirus crisis. From then on, team collaboration only existed virtually. Managers faced the biggest challenges caused by these changes, as they suddenly needed to manage and lead the teams exclusively through digital channels. 

Working from home is an integral part of the working world even after Covid

And this continues to apply, because even though more and more employees are gradually returning to the office in small steps, working from home will remain an integral part of everyday work in the future and will be with us for the long-term.

Promote Virtual Collaboration with the KPMG Home Office Experience

Our KPMG Home Office Experience helps executives easily and efficiently meet the new challenges of leading virtual teams. 

This tool helps team leaders figure out what the mood is within the team and identify discrepancies. By requesting daily feedback, it is possible to continuously work on weak points for workers at home and therefore address the wishes and concerns of your employees.

Team members answer four questions anonymously and voluntarily at the end of each work day. Using the detailed reporting, the mood within the team can be assessed, and it is possible to identify at an early stage where there is a need for clarification.

KPMG Home Office Experience Explainer Video

In our short explainer video, we will show you step by step how to use the KPMG Home Office Experience:

Advantages of Home office

Well-organised and coordinated, working from home offers benefits for both sides. Many businesses still need to cut costs even after the crisis. On the other hand, employees have also realised that there are benefits to not working in the office every day. 

In the future, KPMG Home Office Experience will continue to offer the best possible support for the virtual team and take advantage of the cost savings. 

Find out more about the offer here.

You can easily try the KPMG Home Office Experience for free here. We will be happy to advise you on your requirements and create an customised offer for your organisation.

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