The Visual Data Router (VDR) is KPMG's data management tool of choice for visualizing data origins and data transformations at European banks and financial institutions. The aim is to provide a simple and transparent solution for analyzing relationships between all important external or internal reports.

The VDR technically uses the ECB initiative of the Banks' Integrated Reporting Dictionary (BIRD). The initiative aims to improve data quality and synchronisation in bank reporting by harmonising the content requirements. Our tool can define any data points from BIRD as sources and targets and relate them to each other. This makes it possible to identify each data point through the different levels of data or even simultaneously, click by click. Connections and common data sources between different regulatory reports are therefore quickly revealed.

The first iteration of the VDR focuses on international and national reporting. The tool covers the entire BIRD scope and visualizes the data flow at each level of the BIRD metadata model.

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