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Incompatible is one of the scare words of digitisation so far. The process of transferring data from one programme to another often involves a lot of effort without automation. The media company Sky Deutschland no longer wanted to be held back by this in its customer retention management. With the help of our consulting, the company moved into a more compatible future in the topic of customer retention and customer care.

In a pilot project, we proved what digital transformation, robotic process automation and bots are capable of. With minimal effort, we created an interface between two systems that saves administrative work through process automation. This leaves employees more time to do what they do best: advise their customers.

Bots that pay off

What was special about this transformation was the rapid payback. When investments pay off for a company within half a year, the step into a better future is more a question of will than of willingness to take risks. It goes without saying that the bots in the areas of finance, procurement and HR were similarly convincing.

We know how digitalisation can inspire your employees and thus also your customers.

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