Frank Thiele

Partner, Audit, Media and Automotive

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"For me personally, open and honest interaction is very important".

Frank Thiele is a partner in Audit Corporate - and as a native of Lower Saxony near Goslar, he is "stubborn and earthy". In this interview he tells us what drives him in his profession and what significance the Hannover-Bielefeld region has for him.


Mr Thiele, what do you appreciate most about the region?

Frank Thiele: I associate attributes with the Hannover-Bielefeld Region that I value highly in both my professional and private life. For me personally, open and honest dealings are very important. People here are said to be down-to-earth and reliable. I feel that way too, and that has a lot to do with how authentic I can be. That is absolutely essential in my profession. What I also really appreciate about the Hanover-Bielefeld location is the balance of quality of life and cost of living. I know that Hanover in particular has the image of being a grey mouse. Unjustly so, in my opinion. The city has a lot to offer culturally and is also incredibly green.


As a passionate mountain biker, that probably suits you very well?

Frank Thiele: That's right. I really enjoy being outdoors, away from the paved roads and beyond the noise and traffic.


Professionally, you stand for IFRS. How relevant is the topic for the region?

Frank Thiele: I work in the field of auditing and advise internationally active groups based here. My focus is on the automotive industry and trade. The state is particularly characterised by the automotive industry - Lower Saxony is car country. Around 250,000 jobs are associated with it. So we deal with issues that affect not only the state, but the entire economy.


What is happening in the region in this area right now? What changes, what exciting developments are you observing?

Frank Thiele: One mega topic is of course digitalisation. That drives us all and as KPMG we also carry that to the outside world. One example: We have just moved into our new office in Hanover, with a state-of-the-art office concept. This shows that we are different from our competitors. In addition, according to Forrester, we are the international market leader in the field of data and analytics. Both the new appearance and the award have helped us a lot in terms of external perception. Company representatives who visit us here in the new office sense that we tick differently. And of course, the digital transformation has a huge impact on the automotive industry based here. Trends such as autonomous driving and e-mobility are leading to upheavals in the industry, which will be completely different in five to ten years. This also raises questions that directly affect our region: What is the significance for Lower Saxony? Are jobs at risk? Are we innovative enough? Do we have the right people and do we have enough staff to cover these new challenges?


How can KPMG support the region in meeting these challenges?

Frank Thiele: We offer solutions for our clients' needs. In Hanover, for example, we have created completely new premises with the Ignition Center to develop innovation processes together with our clients. Here we combine agile methods, such as design thinking, with the right working atmosphere. This literally creates space for new ideas. The concept is very well received and also shows KPMG in a different light.


Why is KPMG the Clear Choice for Lower Saxony?

Frank Thiele: We are different from other market competitors. Our employees in Hanover-Bielefeld are characterised by broad expertise and professional excellence, without losing sight of the challenges our clients face. Our customers feel that.

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