Marc Stauder

Partner, Risk & Compliance Services

KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

My thematic focus is on corporate governance and sustainability, in particular sustainability assurance, (tax) compliance, internal control systems and the interfaces to ESG/sustainability. As a certified public accountant, I am responsible for audits of non-financial statements (nfE), sustainability reports, compliance management systems according to IDW PS 980 as well as engagements to establish certifiable management systems. The various attestation services in the area of audit-related consulting (including IASE 3000) increase the reliability of the content of information and thus create trust. As a member of working groups of the IDW, I promote the further development of current topics and solutions of the auditing profession. The goal of my team is always to find an appropriate balance for our clients between compliance on the one hand and practical feasibility on the other. As an HR partner, I am also interested in the further development of our team in this exciting field. It's a people business!

  • Diplom-Kaufmann

  • Auditor

  • Tax consultant

  • Speaker at training sessions for supervisory boards on corporate governance issues

  • Honorary activity in the Presidium of the German Hockey Federation