Dr. Victoria Röhricht

Partner, Audit

KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

I am responsible for ESG/CSRD at KPMG and support member firms and clients in building ESG competence.

In this context, it is my ambition to support our clients and member firms in the best possible way with the changing regulatory requirements.

I am a certified public accountant and lawyer with several years of experience in auditing annual and consolidated financial statements of listed companies and international groups. I have also assisted clients with capital market issues (comfort letters) and spent two years in the KPMG Department of Professional Practice advising on complex individual matters in IFRS and HGB. For several years, I have been involved in ESG issues and am responsible for auditing sustainability reports.

  • Audit
  • Climate change
  • Environment
  • Ethical business and governance
  • Familienunternehmen und Mittelstand
  • Internationale Märkte
  • Nationale Märkte
  • Social values and behaviors
  • Transformation
  • Wachstumsmärkte
  • Auditor

  • Lawyer

  • Dr. jur., Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg