Vaike Metzger

Partner, Financial Services, Head of IT Compliance & Cyber Security Solution, DORA EMA Lead

KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Vaike Metzger is a partner at KPMG in the Financial Services division. The graduate business mathematician advises insurance companies, banks and asset managers on issues in the area of IT compliance and cybersecurity. She supports her customers in making their IT compliant, secure and future-oriented in the context of digital transformation. The experience of the teams ranges from design to functional and technical implementation of regulatory & legal requirements, as well as when introducing a holistic cybersecurity approach.

Due in no small part to the increasing cyber risks and growing complexity of IT regulation, there is greater awareness of the benefits of sustainable IT compliance. Anyone who gives thought to regulatory requirements right from the start – instead of only acting after a regulatory audit – will benefit from this in ongoing business operations and be spared from subsequent and often more costly and time-intensive rework.

Areas of focus: Financial Services, IT/Cloud Service Provider