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The challenge: SAP licence management

Digitalisation projects demand a lot in terms of both technology and personnel. And upgrade projects can also involve some financial risks. This introduction of new technology like SAP S/4HANA requires the necessary licences and contracts for the selected business model (Cloud & On-Premise) and at the best possible terms and conditions. Purchasing incorrect, overpriced or unnecessary licences can create high costs.

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Our solution: Licence analytics with a real guarantee

Using KPMG Authorization & Identity Management Downloaders, the hardware and software usage data relevant for measurement is collected initially.

Reliable data and fully documented numbers enable long-term financial planning and provide you with support for taking business decisions about IT projects. Our procedure has many aspects and can be tailored for implementation in existing environments, as well as for planning the negotiation of an S/4HANA licence and contract. 

By purchasing our KPMG Digital License Protection, which forms part of our Managed Service offering, we can take over any additional payments for licences and maintenance which may arise following an SAP licence audit - quickly and simply.

Making business and strategic decisions

Use our data-driven analysis methodology to identify risks early and reduce the financial implications. As a result of the analysis, you will receive an optimised licence situation report and associated technical and financial dashboards for ongoing planning, monitoring and management of your financial KPIs.

In addition, the cost simulation based on KPMG Pricing Benchmarks will help you to calculate your future S/4HANA capex and opex costs, helping with decisions on the most suitable licence and contract model.

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Your benefits

Licence compliance:

  • Reduction in the licence & contractual risks as well as proposing technical and business recommendations for action

Cost savings and streamlining:

  • Save costs when negotiating contracts  
  • Avoid idle costs and inefficient licence purchases
  • Transformation from earlier products to S/4HANA new generation products
  • Simulation of licence and maintenance costs for the possible licence / contract models available
  • Price benchmarking of the SAP offer at normal market terms

Financial planning:

  • Ongoing planning, monitoring and management of your financial KPIs across the software life cycle
  • Financial certainty for your S/4HANA transformation 

Guarantee in collaboration with Munich RE:

  • Cover for internal and external risks
  • No additional charges following a licence audit
  • No need to make provisions or suffer unexpected costs

KPMG Expertise:

  • Uses modern analysis processes in combination with a wealth of experience with the business and legal aspects from a large number of projects