About us

Transport and logistics companies on the European continent have been facing a number of legislative challenges, tax changes and various new directives. It is no easy feat to find one’s way around the ongoing transformation of the transportation sector. We can help you get your bearings both in legislature and in the many opportunities brought on by renewed economic growth.


  • We will show you how your company in particular will be affected by legislative changes and planned directives.
  • We will advise you on ways to save – for example, while purchasing fuels, organising work or managing risks.
  • We specialise in taxes and customs. When preparing your income tax returns we will review areas characteristic for transportation companies.
  • We will familiarise you with simply ways to save on fuels or how to take better advantage of your assets.
  • Through cooperation with various experts from KPMG’s global network of advisory firms we can help you in negotiations with foreign business partners or in your expansion abroad.

Who we have helped

Several Czech transportation firms recently asked us for advice on changes brought about by the New Civil Code. For many years, we have been offering advisory services to transportation companies in the two areas they find most challenging: taxes and customs.