About us

Retail revenue is on the rise again, but according to our findings, the Czech customer’s demand is changing. Czech buyers want quality, healthy groceries and reliable goods whose prices do not need to be all that low. We can help you discover what your clients want and when they want it.

We can help you lower the operational cost of your retail chain and advise you on data analysis in e-commerce as well as in financial, tax and legal concerns.


  • We can help you find the best potential for your goods. We can suggest price adjustments and marketing strategies that will increase your sales revenue.
  • We can tell you how to limit waste and what volume of goods to order in regards to seasonal or trend considerations.
  • We will answer your tax and legal questions.  
  • We will advise you on whether now is the right time to expand your retail chain, where to locate new outlets or where to consider closing old ones.
  • We will show you how to increase sales over the internet.
  • We will advise you on the operational and personnel costs of your chain of brick and mortar shops.

Who we have helped

Among our clients are multinational retail chains but also smaller Czech entrepreneurs. In the past we have helped them with tax issues, but also for example with the expansion of their retail outlets.