About us

Today’s insurance businesses face an enormous number of challenges, ranging from market regulation and oversight to changes in customer preferences and new competition from the ranks of high-tech firms. Every change contains both risks and new opportunities. We understand all aspects of the insurance business, and can offer expert, technical, accounting and legal advice. We can help to manage capital, configure new products and customer services, and administer processes, technologies and data.


  • We understand the expert, technical, accounting and legal aspects of the insurance sector. In other words, we can advise you not only on your insurance products but also on accounting and tax issues and will even answer your legal concerns.
  • By analysing your sales data we will find out why some of your clients keep coming back while others seek out your competition instead.
  • We will show you how to set up your contracts so that your customers will understand them better.
  • Within KPMG’s global network of member firms, hundreds of experts are dedicated to the insurance sector. This gives us access to all kinds of international insurance products not yet known by Czech customers.
  • Thanks to our cooperation with our colleagues abroad, we know the issues the Czech market is currently dealing with, and how others have successfully mastered them.

Who we have helped

For years, we have been providing our services to companies which deal in life, non-life and health insurances. We have extensive experience with not only the Czech market but also the international insurance market. Some big multinational insurance businesses have been our clients for decades.