About us

Every healthcare institution should be able to measure how successful it is in the treatment of its patients. A study by KPMG (ID42) has shown, however, that the healthcare sector lacks a clear system to evaluate the results of provided care. According to our results, such a system would also lead to a better understanding of all of the factors that contribute to a higher quality of care. The configuration of a system which measures quality is complex, just like the existing healthcare system which is full of regulations and different kinds of complicated relationships. Let us show you where to begin.  


  • We will show you how to measure the quality of patient care.
  • We specialise in advisory services concerning healthcare reimbursement management, which includes everything that emanates from reimbursement ordinances affecting directors of hospitals and other similar institutions. We are able to design workshops on reimbursement management which are tailored to the needs of your organisation.
  • Whether you are active in a hospital, a pharmaceutical company or even a health resort, we will find the most suitable IT system for you.
  • We advise not only public hospitals but also private clinics on management concerns, the most appropriate specialisation for a given location and how to best solve tax and legal issues.
  • We will guide you on your way through the complex web of regulations and restrictions you should watch out for.

Who we have helped

Among our clients there are pharmaceutical firms, health-resorts, hospitals, medical distributors, manufacturers of healthcare equipment, and health insurance companies. We have also assisted several Czech university hospitals.