About us

Entrepreneurs in the real estate sector are in it for the long run and must anticipate the cycles which the entire building, construction and real estate market goes through in regular intervals. 

The Czech Republic and especially its individual regions still belong among the best locations for investment into residential, retail, office as well as industrial constructions within the entire Central European region. You can familiarise yourself with our detailed views of the individual market segments and sector-wide data in the attached texts.  


  • We have extensive experience across the entire sector. We offer our services to lessees and owners of real estate as well as investors and construction companies.
  • Thanks to the hundreds-strong staff of KPMG’s global network of firms who deal with real estate we can compare the opportunities, costs and legal specifics in just about any country.
  • We work together with our clients from beginning to end. Starting with investment plans, over gaining construction permits to looking for lessees or buyers.
  • If you already know where to build, we can assess whether the place will remain interesting in the future. 

Who we have helped

We have assisted local as well as international developers, construction companies, real estate fund managers and investors aiming to increase the value of their investments on the Czech real estate market. Just about all players on the real estate market can benefit from our experience.