We will enhance your business model as well as help to adopt new technologies

An essential sector for the Czech economy, however the automotive business is under pressure. Even though Europe remains a key area for the Czech automotive industry, it is also gaining ground on the markets of rapidly developing countries like China, Iran and some African states.

Opportunities are opening up in the West thanks to the growing demand for ecological technologies. In combination with changes in business models and the introduction of new technologies, this poses true challenges for all involved.


  • The automotive industry has a lot of potential in rapidly developing countries. As KMPG’s global network of firms has offices in these countries, we are able to provide you with high quality services on a local level.
  • We will find answers to a wide spectrum of tax and legal questions – concerning business activities both in the Czech Republic and abroad. 
  • In addition to services in the tax, accounting and legal areas we can assist you in such innovative fields like the introduction of new information systems or in the preparation for Industry 4.0.
  • We have successfully helped a number of automotive companies both realise acquisitions on the Czech market and find strategic or financial investors for their firms.
  • We help companies investing into new technologies gain investment incentives and subsidies.
Who we have helped
We cooperate with leading international automotive companies, but in the past we have also assisted smaller firms from automotive supporting industries. We have offered tax and legal advisory services, auditing services as well as consulting on industry-specific issues.

Supply chains

Certainty for your business in uncertain times

Over the long term, to a greater or lesser extent, companies are facing uncertainty about supplies. However, since the Covid-19 pandemic, any turbulence experienced is worse, more frequent, and more shocking, with several simultaneous occurrences. We will support you in managing production and supply-customer chains, whether you are a final manufacturer or a supplier.

We will help you evaluate existing production and business models and advise you on how to adapt to current conditions. Equipped with information gathered regularly from the KPMG global network of consultancy firms, we will help you to respond to developments in the global economy, in the right way and at the right time. We will advise you on logistics, purchasing, planning, increasing operational efficiency and transformation management.

Our topics/services:

  • Operations strategy
  • Innovate and engineer
  • Plan
  • Procure
  • Make 
  • Deliver 



Supply chain insights

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