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Corporate Services Survey Costa Rica 2020

As part of a joint effort between the Chamber of High Technology Corporate Services (CamSCAT) and KPMG aimed to generate data and intellectual property to describe the Costa Rican Corporate Services Sector, last December 2019 we presented the results of a survey regarding challenges and trends gathered from the sector’s decision makers.

Since early 2020, Costa Rica, like the rest of the world, is struggling with uncertainty: How will the economic and social dynamics be like in the new normal? Are business organizations prepared to face the changes that this unexpected situation demands? There are multiple questions that we must face regarding the COVID-19 pandemic that require that each of our steps are aligned with our organizational strategy.

Despite the multiple challenges, the ability of Costa Ricans to quickly adapt to change surprised the world and, even more so, the corporate services sector in the country. The preventive actions taken by the government, working from home practices, robust telecom connectivity, as well as technological infrastructure and human talent are some of the variables that allowed the increase of operations in this industry, even absorbing activities from other sites worldwide, which were not able to cope and keep their operations running due to safety measures and lockdowns.

Organizations and their collaborators today face the challenge of taking the country to the new normal through sustainable structures. Exploring the unknown and working on the continuous organizational construction represent the opportunity to demonstrate resilience and aptitude for transformation, while at the same time managing to maintain confidence in the business environment.

This updated report aims to provide a conjunctural analysis that complements the results of the local survey aforementioned, with the international industry trends gathered by KPMG in different geographies and considering the impact and resilience demonstrated in the Costa Rican sector. Hopefully the results will be valuable and serve as a baseline to keep measuring trends continuously as we all figure out what the New Normal will look like.

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