Audit quality is fundamental to our ambition to be the most trusted and trustworthy professional services firm. As an accounting firm that prioritises quality above all, we recognise the importance of maintaining timely and transparent two-way communications with regulators, our clients, and other stakeholders. This communication is centered around defining what audit quality means to us and detailing the measures we are taking to maintain and improve this quality. To this end, we are pleased to publish our 2023 KPMG Hong Kong Audit Quality Report. This report summarises the initiatives that we are implementing and the investments we are making to drive audit quality.

The report includes:

Our commitment to audit quality;

  • Audit quality initiatives undertaken in 2023;
  • Our enhancement of audit quality through digitalisation, specialist involvement, engagement execution, consultation and technical support;
  • Support and development of our people; and
  • Our commitment to continuous improvement through audit quality monitoring, root cause analysis and quality action plans. 

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2023 audit quality report
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