In a year of upheaval caused by geopolitical tensions, the ongoing pandemic and an uncertain economic climate, banking CEOs face challenges and opportunities amidst the sector’s ongoing transformation. As part of our 2022 CEO Outlook, we surveyed 141 banking CEOs, gathering their insights and perspectives into the business and economic landscapes over the next 3 years.

It indicates as following:

85 %

Believe there will be a recession in the next 12 months

70 %

Think a recession would upend anticipated growth over the next 3 years

59 %

Say an anticipated recession will be mild and short

74 %

Say continuing to drive digital transformation at a rapid pace is critical to stay ahead of the competition

60 %

Have committed to allocating more than 6 percent of revenue to make their organization more sustainable

69 %

Think those who worked in offices pre-pandemic will be back in the office regularly in 3 years’ time


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KPMG 2022 Banking CEO Outlook

Banking leaders are focused on interest rate and reputational risks.

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