2021 has been a remarkable year for the fintech market, with a record number of deals in every major region – including the Americas, EMEA, and the Asia-Pacific. Fintech investment was incredibly strong, with both VC and PE investment soaring to record highs. The breadth of fintech solutions attracting investment continued to expand and grow, with surging interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, wealthtech, and cybersecurity.

As Entering 2022, the optimism for fintech investment globally is very strong, with different subsectors well-positioned to keep evolving and new ones expected to emerge and flourish.

Whether you’re the CEO of a large financial institution or the founder of an emerging fintech, the opportunities are near-boundless if you’re willing to re-imagine what’s possible and refuse to let legacy structures and thinking get in the way. As you read this edition of Pulse of Fintech, ask yourself: What do we need to do today to become a more robust organization able to create unique value for our customers, clients, and investors?