VC investment globally was very healthy during the quarter, building on results of Q1 and Q2 and reaching a new record high for total investment. The substantial amount of dry powder, increasing participation by less traditional VC investors, and robust exit opportunities helped to keep the global VC market strong.

Cleantech and sustainability-focused technologies saw a big jump in interest from VC investors in all regions during Q3’21, Fintech also remained a very hot area of VC investment, in addition to delivery and logistics, health and biotech, and B2B services.

VC investment is expected to remain strong through the end of 2021, wrapping up a unique and record-breaking year for the global VC market.

In this quarter’s edition of Venture Pulse, we look at these and a number of other global and regional trends, including:

  • The impact of seasonality on the VC market —particularly this year
  • The growing focus on in ESG, cleantech, and sustainable technologies
  • The continued strength of fundraising activity
  • The increasing interest in international markets and investment opportunities