Global VC investment soared to a new high in Q2’21, as investors continued to prioritize larger and later stage deals. High valuations, a robust IPO market, and a hearty supply of dry powder also helped fuel investment across numerous jurisdictions. 

With a significant amount of cash looking for investments, the VC market is expected to remain very robust heading into Q3’21. VC investors will likely focus on many of the sectors expected to remain attractive as the world emerges from the pandemic, including B2B business productivity, fintech, and delivery.

In this quarter’s edition of Venture Pulse, we look at these and a number of other global and regional trends, including:

  • The explosion of unicorn births compared to previous years
  • The major focus on fintech investment across all regions
  • The ongoing interest in health and biotech as the world emerges from the pandemic
  • The increasing participation of non-traditional VC investors